cv-sv undercounter evaporator

SEREVA has at your disposal a wide range of evaporators that can be placed in any undercounter. They are all of reduced size and great performance. The CV-SV model belongs to the Between Doors Range and it is mainly used in Undercounters and Reserves.


  • Battery made with staggered 3/8” copper tube and aluminium fins. Fin separation of 3.8mm or double separation 3.8/7.6mm.
  • The body can be made of Raw Aluminium, Lacquered Aluminium or Stainless Steel.
  • The Heat Exchanger can be recovered with Epoxy Paint for a better protection against corrosion. The battery life will be longer than usual in heavy duty conditions.
  • Fans ranging from 5 to 16W and helix diameters from 200 a 300 mm.
  • Sereva is open to any modification our client needs for fitting their requirements in terms of performance or space.

CV-SV undercounter evaporator (horizontal air outlet)

Fin spacing: 3.8 mm

Taula de característiques dels Evaporadors Baix Mostradors CV-SV
CV-SV DT8 DT10 TANGENTIAL FAN   220 V Surface Capacity Resistance
W W W m3/h m/s m2 dm3 w A B Inlet Outlet
SV-V20 385 480 1 200 5/29 210 2.4 1.5 0.38 - 590 375 10 10
SV-V24 460 575 1 200 5/29 190 2.2 1.8 0.46 - 590 375 10 10


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